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About us

I actually began trying different ideas like painting items for outside gardens, floor cloths, purses, and more. I also spent a lot of time painting inside my home doing decorative painting on the walls... Which by the way, happens to be my favorite thing to do, along with turning items from trash to treasure.

I tried doing small crafts shows, but found them to filled with ready made, massed produced items. Too hard to compete with that. I was becoming frustrated with the idea of having my own business.

One day, a friend of mine at work told me about this wonderful site called Etsy. I joined it immediately and started to list jewelry and painted glass items recently created, but nothing happened for a few months.

I kept messing with it trying to find something that would catch on. I began solely painting glassware, such as wine glasses, cake platters, plates, and more. I began to get a few orders for my wine glasses, which continue to grow in to larger orders....

My focus for a few years has been weddings.....I started out selling all wire hangers, but soon realized attaching the personalized wire to the wooden hangers would be much sturdier.....Thus, the creation of the personalized wire wooden hangers.....

I truly hope you enjoy the bridal hangers. I think they are a great photo prop and nice keepsake too!